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About Gi Designs:

Connecting people with nature in their daily lives, is the concept that Gi Designs was established on. We provide handcrafted pottery and wood tableware carved out of the earth and crafted from entirely natural, eco-friendly materials, created with special designs inspired from nature, and by using the art direction of expressionism “reflecting the emotional and spiritual vision of the world” to present an innovative and unique handmade artwork. All of our pieces are crafted in unique, yet familiar shapes with the aim to feed your soul from nature in an artistic way, in addition they reflect imperfection, art and uniqueness.


Back surrounded with nature elements at every turn, inspiration was inevitable. We heatedly believe in the positive spiritual effects of nature on humans, isn’t she our mother after all?
Correlating the sea, sand and fire to our passion in pottery had to get into something solid. And here we came, where connecting people with nature in their daily lives through artistic pieces made by Egyptian hands, is the concept GI Designs was established on.

Our mission:

To offer a creative blend of unique products, representing the earth in an artistic way and feeding the soul from nature.